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【ベヨ2情報】『Bayonetta 2』の眼鏡が商品化! | Bayonetta 2 開発者ブログ

商品名:『BAYONETTA 2』ベヨネッタ眼鏡

プラチナゲームズ渾身の∞クライマックス・アクションゲーム『BAYONETTA 2』の発売に先立ち、前作からデザインが一新されたベヨネッタのメガネが早くも予約開始です。


▼『BAYONETTA 2』公式ホームページ


(C)2014 Nintendo (C)SEGA


I can just imagine, after a werewolf encounter, Lafayette pulling out a lint roller and trying to clean up the wolf’s hairs on everyone’s uniform. The rest of the team stands stiff, not knowing what to do or say. Lafayette starts mumbling and cursing to himself in French, because he hates uncleanliness. Then he tries to do Izzy, but Grayson quickly slaps his hand away and insists she can do it herself, his face flushing red with jealousy.

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